Which is false about hydrocele?

  1. which is false about hydrocele ? c ( surgical Das mentions as a rule testis
    cannot be felt sepearately as the fluid of hydrocele sorrounds the body of the testis
    on page 314 in short cases of DAS surgery )
    a. almost always fluid is transudate
    b. get above the swelling
    c. testis is palpated separate from swelling
    d. obscures inguinal hernia
  2. Functional brace not used in ? a
    a. fracture neck of femur
    b. fracture shaft of femur
    c. fracture shaft of tibia
    d. fracture shaft of humerus
    113, which of the following is incorrect about scaphoid? c
    a. most common carpal bone injured
    b. non union is complication
    c. avascular necrosis of distal part is there
    d. x rays to be taken successively after 2 weeks
  3. what is true about dequervan tenovaginitis ? a
    a. involvement of extensor pollicis brevis and abductor pollicis longus
  4. what is incorrect about supra condylar fracture of humerus ? c
    a. extension type is common
    b. radial nerve is injured
    c. cubitus valgus is most common complication