Which is not a permanent mucosal fold?

  1. which is not a permanent mucosal fold?
    a. gastric rugae
    b. spiral valve
    c. transverse rectal fold
    d. plica semilunaris
  2. not a boundary of triangle of auscultation?
    a. scapula
    b. trapezius
    c. latissimus dorsi
    d. serratus anterior
    7.spleen projects into the following space of peritoneal cavity?
    a. greater sac
    b. paracolic gutter
    c. left subhepatic space
    d. infracolic compartment
  3. sternocleidomastoid is not supplied by?
    a. superior thyroid a.
    b. thyrocervical trunk
    c. occipital a
    d. post auricular a