Which is the best platform for NEET PG preparation?

Which is the best platform for NEET PG preparation?

if you are asking on this platform then you may get biased reply.better to ask who got selected in recently exams.

This has no proper answer :slight_smile:

Depends on what is your strength and weakness. All these platforms have great faculties.
Now offline Vs online. If you think you can sit for 12 hour classes thrice a week and be very attentive of each second and then finish reading it in another 4 days go for DAMS/BHATIA. ( remember you never get repeat class there)

Now online.
If you feel like you can strictly follow your own timetable and finish off videos and make notes within 6-7 months atleast for 13-14 subjects. Go for MARROW/PREP.

now both marrow and prepladder has great contents. Question bank. Faculties. But marrow is bit more better because

  1. user interface. It is so friendly and eyecatching
  2. even when you dont feel studying at all, even for fun you can go with marrow pearls or custom modules. Its so friendly. Prepladder app is not friendly as marrow app is. Its really sad that all initiatives prep faculty is getting spoiled by their technical team.
    they really needto come with something eye catching. Because looking into screen for 8-10 hours a day you really need something that is attractive.

prepladder RR is the best invention of this decade. If you are an average student and if prepladder release RR by march itself please go for prepladder RR course + marrow plan B.
It will cost you only half what offline platforms cost.