Which of the following is wrongly matched?

137q: which of the following is wrongly matched ?
a. hepatitis B - hepatocellular carcinoma
b. EBV - nasopharyngeal carcinoma
c. HSV 1 - carcinoma cervix
d. HHV 8 - kaposi sarcoma
answer: c .
138q: all of the following are true about minimum alveolar concentration regarding
isoflurane except?
a. decreases with age
b. decreases in pregnency
c. decreases due to acute alcoholism
d. males have high MAC
answer: d.sex height and weight do not alter MAC.
139q: all of the following are true about postoperative vomiting except ?
a. more in males than females
b. more in elderly people
c. more due to thiopentone than propofol
140q:hydrops fetalis is seen in:
a.parvo virus
b.beta thallasemia
141: constriction band is seen in all except?
a.premature application of forceps
c.intrauterine manipulations
d.obstructed labour