Which one is better for MD Medicine?

Which one is better for MD Medicine?
IMS, BHU or IPGMER, Kolkata
Seniors please suggest

IMS BHU as far as I know…very good stipend …academics is good …case load is optimum… … But then talk to residents of this clg …both or them are good

Ofcourse BHU! There’s no comparison brother, it’s leaps and bounds ahead in every aspect.

UP r general college er shathe BHU tulona kora ta bhul hobe, it’s at par with national institutes like AIIMS and PGI, tai culture otota toxic howar kotha noy. Haa oboshyoi nijer state er comfort pabina hoyto but jekhane academics er level very high and scholarly lok bhorti, expect kora jaye je toxicity sherokom hobena. Ebar exact real picture to okhankar kono senior e bolte parbe.