While studying for the upcoming NEET PG exam?

Can someone suggest some ways to make some money from home while studying for the upcoming NEET PG exam? Please give genuine reply as I’m in a lot of financial stress and and have responsibilities but also need time to study properly. Thanks!

Hie the best thing to do now is focus on your study and borrow money from your close friend or relative just till exam. You can join a job after exams and return them the money.

But time wasted now will not return back ever. And if you are genuinely desperate for a seat now you should consider this option. If you are ok with repeating next year then u can look at jobs at private hospital in your city as a locum, or do ambulance calls. For both there jobs you need good contacts of people in respective field in your area.

. But according to me just last 61 days left now… U can earn after exams but these 2 months just focus on exam.