While walking past the radiology suite

While walking past the radiology suite, you note the image shown below. In general, what common complication can develop in these patients?

a. Malignancy

b. Hypertension

c. Calculi

d. Mesenteric ischemia

e. Lower extremity swelling

f. Rupture

  1. You should know basic CT scan. This shows a horseshoe kidney located just above the aorta.

  2. The horseshoe kidney is the most common type of renal fusion anomaly. It consists of two distinct functioning kidneys on each side of the midline, connected at the lower poles (or rarely at the upper poles) by an isthmus of functioning renal parenchyma or fibrous tissue that crosses the midline of the body.

  3. The prevalence of stones in the horseshoe kidney ranges from 20-60% with a recent meta-analysis putting the prevalence toward the middle of that range, at 36%.

  4. Stone disease is thought to be due to the associated hydronephrosis or UPJ obstruction that causes urinary stasis, which hinders stone passage.