Who can define Blood pressure

Who can define Blood pressure

Yes…it’s a pressure exerted by the blood as it pass through a vessel

Blood pressure is the pressure exated on the wall of the artery as the heart beat

Blood pressure is define as, in which a person blood is 140\90 is a blood pressure.

It’s the pressure exerted on the walls of arteries due to the pumping action of the heart.

A pressure exerted by blood when it pass through blood vessels

Is when your blood pressure, the force of your blood pushing against the walls of your blood vessels is consistently too high.

The number of times the heart beats per minute of mal pumping of blood from the left ventricle mal pressure.

Blood pressure may be defined as the force which the blood exerts on the wall of d artery in which it is contained.
The force from the heart sending blood through the arteries to d capillaries is called diastolic sound while d force returning d blood from d venous end through d veins to d vena cava is called systolic sound