Who can do better general practice in small town? MS general surgeon or MS orthopaedic?

Who can do better general practice in small town?
MS general surgeon or MS orthopaedic ?

No degree is sufficient enough to call urself a great practioner unless u r good in ur communication skills…if u r good in explaining ur patients about his diseases ,his treatments,why this medicines,why this investigation…then u can definitely earn a popularity and some good amount of bucks too… patient nowadays are smart enough and everyone wants to know about what has happened to him/her and what the doctor is going to do to cure him…For example:Ur car is broken down and u went to a mechanic…he just said that this parts needs to be replaced but he didn’t explained why?..will u be convinced?..No na!..u will think that he is just making money by doing unnecessary replacements… being a medico,I have seen/heard from many people that his/her physician didn’t talk to him/her properly,not explained well what happened, didn’t even touched his body for a general examination…I am not pointing out to anyone directly…but these are the things which needs to be kept in mind inorder to make a good rapport with ur patients!

Practice is about marketing like bussiness clinical knowledge is once u get footfall

Why the hell will a surgeon or an orthopod do general practice. For that matter why will any specialist do general practice. 🧐

I think you have never been to village hospitals.

General practice yields 10 times higher for surgeons than the surgeries for them.

Firstly no I haven’t been to a village and neither have any intention to serve in remote village hospitals. And secondly had you to general practice why specialise in surgery at all. And thirdly you really have no idea about anything be it genera practice or surgery, leave alone the respective earningsnowadays maximum are doing general practice with their speciality.

In small towns , like sdh levels , someortho people are cutting hernias , general surgeons may be famous for lscs, o n g also doing fibroadenoma and all breast related cases …

Its all depends upon your skill , not your degrees…

the one who have good cutting

In OT and in OPD also pocket!