Who can donate a plaza in krona?

Who can donate a plaza in krona??

The special of blood ڈ zy̰z in the NBC has said that donating a plazm ہ does not harm health, nor any weakness.
While talking in the news program, the doctor said that there is a need to increase the momentum of testing for the diagnosis of krona in Pakistan.
They said that krona virus is heading towards intensity in Pakistan, more patient is likely to be registered in the future.

They said that they are being demanded from different cities of Pakistan while we are facing lack of plazm ہ donations, so far! Forty healthy people donated the plaza.
The doctor said we need donations for about 2 thousand, we have to tell the public that the health of the person does not harm any kind of the plạzm ہ nor any weakness.
He told that a person whose krona test came positive can donate a plzm ہ after staying in qarnatiana days.