Why are doctors silently tolerating this bullshit?

Someone care to educate him?

Why are doctors silently tolerating this bullshit?

So much venom being spewed in minds of general public by such ill-informed posts.

(PPE Calculation

Icu example

12-14 patients

4 shifts.

3-4 doctors in each shift

6-8 nurses in each shift

2 technicians/respiratory therapists in each shift

2-3 anms in each shift

2-3 attenders or aayas in each shift

2-3 ppe in each shift for other issues that arise, eg printer/computer / electritian/ visiting specialist /dialysis technician, etc etc.

PPE means coverall+ shoe covers+ head gear+ gloves + N95 mask to be changed for each shift.!

Plastic apron and gloves to be changed for each patient Ideally each time before touching!!

This is the minimum requirements

Now calculate almost 22 ppe minimum (more can be required) in each shift. {God forbid any member of the team has to pee or shit urgently, PPE has to be changed, so extra ppe needed}

4 shifts in one day

12 patients.

Per patient how many??

Hope maths is good.

And we should interfere only in something we understand.

Best solution is govt provides ppe to all hospitals in adequate quantity and good quality.

Hospitals can instantly stop charging for ppe)