Why can't our adv question SC

Why can’t our adv question SC

  1. on what grounds, you people had said earlier that it can’t be more than 49 % reservation?

  2. And if you had told, then on what basis are you now allowed 65 % reservation? 49 % on what basis are you letting reservation cross, then when your opinion was that reservation should not cross 49 %?

We can’t question the government, to whom what percentage of reservation are you giving. This is a welfare country, the government can give whatever percentage it wants, why is the main point crossing the reservation 49 Do whatever percentage you want to allocate, but do it within that 49 %. why are you encroaching your seats and crossing 49 %?

System is such that OBC / SC / ST will be given UR seat first, if they don’t get it then they will be given the seat of their cat. Half of the time was spent on this. So much reservation from above?

Iss matter pe stay/EWS ko seats deny krna this isn’t the solution. Koi reservation na ho, ya fir reservation 49% ko exceed na krey, this is the solution for now.