Why cant we just free exit round 1

Almost every candidate is going to upgrade seat after round 1 allotment,

Why cant we just free exit round 1

And directly go and take round 2 seat

Anyway we would be getting round 1 seat atleast again, if not better

Ryt ?

Travelling and documents stuff

Admission money cumbersome task ,

If v get upgraded in round2 ,

Is there anything extra to this ??

Is it safe enough to free exit in r1 and directly taking up seat in r2

Yu can free exit R1 seat and proceed R2 round…but once yu do tis,ur R1 seat wil get cancel immediately…

If u want to retain tat R1 seats,yu hav to go to tat Resp colg and give upgrade option there and proceed…hope u got the point

so in next round i wont be getting th r1 seat again??

And incase if we are ok vth r1 seat ,do we start working ryt after admissions,

Or wait until feb 20 for session beginning date??

yu can start workin…Govt mentioned tat R2 admission gets complete before Feb 20…(last date for joining R2

you may get If you r lucky enough… In that case you got to fill up that seat in your list again… Someone with a lower rank won’t get it but someone with a btr rank who has given that seat option this time may get it … and if you are lucky enough you may again get it