Why do children 'attack' in Lahore?

Why do children ‘attack’ in Lahore?

Different views are found among the common people regarding the attack of the cubs. But the common people are unable to understand the particular behavior of the cubs as to why they actually attack.

According to the Wildlife Department, the cause of the attack on the citizens of the children is the alms thrown in the suburbs of Lahore, especially in the Ravi River.

You see dozens of men and women standing on the sidewalk built along both the bridges of Ravi with lots of bags in their hands with three to four boots. People passing through the bridge stop here They buy meat and throw it in the river as charity.

The children have built their nests on various electricity poles around the bridge. From where their sharp eye is on every move of the passengers. As soon as a motorcycle or car stops to throw meat, the flies are flying. Rushes to the side and then starts snatching the meat thrown into the air.

This activity has created aggression in the temperament of a bird like a chail and has created anger in its health. Humans have put meat in the name of alms and have removed these cubs from the natural method of getting food. That’s why now they prefer to eat food thrown by humans instead of looking for food. ’

Sometimes, if they are delayed in getting food, they try to snatch themselves from humans. Most cases of tackling also occur to those who feed them. ’

It seems that the meat thrown in the name of alms has changed the mood of the chail. Humans are also suffering from this prominent change in children’s behavior and now they are attacking every visitor. Have been.

’ When it’s time to lay eggs or build nests, it gets even more dangerous and attacks everyone. We’ve had many cases reported when cubs directly attack citizens. I’m going to be a

These cubs living on the Ravi shore are seen chasing, fighting, clapping and attacking each other to get meat. People walking on the bridge are furious with their voices.

The wildlife bird expert has also done an investigative study regarding the rage in the attacks of cattle and their behavior, according to the harsh and aggressiveness in the temperament of the cattle has caused by the meat they are pouring. Hai. Chail was naturally found in garbage throwing places. This bird used to get its food by natural method. But over the last few times their method has changed and the major reason for it was thrown in a city like Lahore. The one who goes is the meat of alms.

The trash thrown at dumping sites made in many areas of Lahore has also increased the population of these children.

He said, ′′ trash is creating balance in the ecosystem as well as the culprits are an important member of the same ecosystem and by changing their behavior we are changing the ecosystem So to Solid West Management in this reference Have to play a special role so that the population of such birds does not exceed a certain limit.