Why do Pakistani mothers find it difficult to breast feed their children?

Why do Pakistani mothers find it difficult to breast feed their children?

According to the results obtained from the National Nutrition Survey 2018, the rate of babies drinking mother’s breastfeeding over an hour after birth from 2011 to 20188 is a steady rise.
However, the custom of pure breast feeding has not been so common. In 20011, it was 50 % reduced to 37.7 % in 2011, which again became 28 % in 2018 and now again. Getting closer to my target (which is 50 % according to the World Health Assembly).

But then why is the number of mothers only giving breast feeding decreasing?

Pediatrician doctor says there are several reasons for the decreasing breast feed habit in Pakistani women every coming year.
There was a time when only high class women refrain from breast feeding because they thought it would spoil their bodyship. But now middle class women who work all day They are and have joined their office for not having a daycare centre.
Shazia Luqman, who works at the University of Islamabad, gave birth to twins twice and couldn’t breast feed her children despite the lack of mother’s milk, due to this daycare facility in her office. The absence of.
۔ ′′ During the job I had to face a lot of trouble because of overdue milk production I needed to feed. But there was no choice but patience, nor did I have the resources to quit. ′′ They told me.
On the other hand, lower class women complain about reduction in milk production due to poor diet.

Rate of children who drink only mother’s milk:

According to the survey, the rate of children who drink only mother’s milk in the early six months is the highest ziad in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and 59.0 % in KPNMD) while the lowest independent jams and There is (40.1 %) in Kashmir and 43.9 % in Balochistan.
Breastfeeding rate for one year old i.e. 68.4 % and for two years of age this rate is 56.5 %)) decreased by 77.3 % respectively and Increased by 54.3 %
Dr. Abbasi says that children who are not given mother’s milk until six months after birth can mostly suffer from breathing infections such as pneumonia and diarrhea. Dr. Abbasi advises that the babies are only for the early six months after birth. Mother’s milk should be given and feed for at least one year.
Dr. Abbasi says that most mothers in urban areas can’t provide breast feed to their children because they don’t have the facility of daycare centers where they work. On the other hand, most offices and institutions don’t allow to bring their children together. She says. There is no replacement for mother’s milk and no formula milk can be a substitute for it.
It is also worth considering that only a small class of our society can afford the expense of formula country for children. Dr. Abbasi says that many parents have started using open milk instead of formula milk. Let’s do which the diet deficiency affects the child’s physical growth and causes many infectious diseases.

Medical officer of the Children’s Department, Dr. Imran Shah says that after six months, the child can be started with soft food like (khchri, swoji, kheer and banana). So, those children who were not given their mother’s milk initially, they can be soft. Diet should be started.
One of the reasons why moms don’t breastfeed their babies, there is also insufficient information from mothers. For example, there are many mothers who think if they have TB or Happy Titis, they can’t breast feed the baby. Can do it.
Dr. Shah also explains that AIDS patients are not allowed to provide breast feed to women. Women who have TB or hepatitis can breast feed their children. They also said on this. Emphasized that the baby must feed the mother’s milk within an hour after birth because the mother’s milk contains antibodycholosterum which boosts the strength of the baby’s body to combat diseases.

Most importantly, mother’s milk strengthens the relationship between mother and baby. He further said ′′ Breast feed protects pregnancy naturally and also reduces the chances of having breast cancer Is it

How to promote breast feeding?

Doctors say many things can be done at government level to promote breast feed such as managing field officers lectures, discussing the importance of mother’s milk.
′′ When lady health workers go home and talk about these issues, women don’t pay attention to their words thinking they are women in our area. How can they teach us.
′′ On the other hand, while the trend of employment among women is increasing, there must be a separate nursing room arrangement for mothers in offices Dr. Shah Salah.
′′ The doctor also says companies need to review their policies. ′′ Most women in Pakistan do not get holidays with salary while they also need income for breast feed she says ′′ In a country like Pakistan, Breast feed should not only be selected to its extent but all women must know how important breast feeding is for their child’s health.
There’s also a need to acknowledge the social and social realities that diminish the choices of women who want to breast feed their children.