Why do some people have too much gas problem in their stomach?

Why do some people have too much gas problem in their stomach?

Do you often face too much gas problem in your stomach? If yes, it could be a sign of body reaction to specific foods, not tolerating any dietary factors or digestive system problems.

Usually people discharge gas 5 to 15 times a day but this amount can be more often.

The reasons for this may vary from the ridge below.

Normal process of Nizam-e-Adma

Eating or drinking is enough to make gas in the stomach, when a person eats or drinks something, he also swallows some amount of air, which the body discharges in the form of a car or he goes into the intestines and gets gas. Takes shape that discharges in the form of reh. I.e. gas emissions are a natural activity of the digestive system because what we eat changes the bacteria in the stomach into different gays, which the body excludes.

Diet changes

Most people have excess gas problem in their stomach when they make changes to their diets, like quitting meat to only vegetables, distancing from different diet groups or trying new foods. In cases like this A few other symptoms such as heartbreak, inflammation, constipation or hygiene can also be faced while the body adapts itself to a new diet.

Use of specific foods

Some foods cause more gas, such as high-fiber foods, because fiber is the part that is difficult for the body to cut and it reaches the small intestine without digestion, where it can gas it. Gives shape. High fiber foods such as seeds, pulses, vegetables and commodities etc are beneficial for the stomach but much use of them increases the risk of infertility. Similarly, starchy foods such as wheat, corn, potatoes etc. Usage also increases the amount of gas in the body, while also the same happens with more sulphur foods such as onion, garlic and cabbage breed vegetables.

Catching up

Constipation victims also must face a gas problem, as food garbage accumulates into clones that seem to discharge extra gas.

Don’t digest milk products

If an individual’s stomach doesn’t digest the natural sweetness in milk or its products, it also faces a gas problem. This causes the body to not break lactos, many times apart from extra gas. And many stinking reh symptoms also come out.

Celiac disease

When an individual is facing this disease, the digestive system is unable to digest gluten free, it is the protein found in wheat, resulting in various problems such as too much gas and abdominal etc. Is it.


Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a disease of the digestive system which causes various symptoms such as excessive gas, abdominal pain and often heaviness or constipation etc.

How is prevention possible?

People often get rid of the problem of Ajafi gas with changes in dietary habits, they just have to identify which diet is causing it and then withdrawing or a lifestyle change is helpful, as well A few ways are below.

Eating with comfort

Often excess of gas is made during eating as it is mentioned above that swallowing air while eating every loaf, so fast eating habit can make the situation worse. People who eat early should have their diet well. Swallowing without chewing makes it difficult to digest this diet. Chewing well is an essential part of the digestion system, because a well-eaten diet makes it easier for the body to break or soak. So, enjoy and eat so that there is no more gas in the intestines.

Avoid Cheongam

If you often face a gas problem, it’s better to avoid Chewingum because while chewing it, people swallow plenty of air along with saliva, which can cause more gas in the intestines.

Get a workout in

30 minutes of daily exercise can also help prevent gas gathering in the body, physical activities can trigger the digestion system which also helps control other issues such as constipation.

Reduce the use of specific foods

As mentioned above, fiber is a component that is essential for digestive health, but too much use causes gas.