Why does he say Alhamdulillah after sneezing?

Why does he say Alhamdulillah after sneezing? Alhamdulillah is because heartbeat stops while sneezing and sneezing speed is 100 kilometers per hour and if you sneeze hard it may break your bones

And if you try to stop sneezing, it will cause blood in the neck and head and then kills

And if you leave your eyes open while sneezing it might come out of the hood.

And for sneezing awareness all respiratory, digestive and administrative devices are out and the heart fails even though the sneezing time is too short and then the body is used by the merciful God if God wants it to work Nothing has happened that’s why I say alhamdulillah

I say thank you God for the health you gave me

And thank you for the illnesses you didn’t give me.