Why does thyroid swelling move with degglution

Why does thyroid swelling move with degglution

Thyroid is attatched with the membrane

Becoz its originate from the foremen cecum

At the base of tongue

Thats why its moves with degluttation…

throidglossal cyst is the mid line sweeling of neck

Rx - sistrunk surgery

Bec of lig of Berry and the pretracheal fascia

  1. During degluttition inferior constrictor contracts…thyropharyngeus attaches to thyroid cart. contracts…pulls the trachea upwards…thyroid moves along with trachea due to ligament of berry

  2. pretracheal fascia

Hi, E Coli,

The thyropharyngeal and cricopharyngeal parts of the inferior constrictor are attached to the thyroid and cricoid cartilage respectively. During swallowing these muscles will contract to move the thyroid and cricoid cartilage upwards.

The false capsule of the thyroid gland which is derived from pretracheal fascia condenses and forms a thick ligament posteriorly called the ligament of Berry. This attaches the lateral lobes of the thyroid to cricoid cartilage on each side.

So when inferior constrictor contracts --> thyroid and cricoid cartilage moves upwards --> Hence thyroid moves upwards.

Thank you.