Why everyone is saying that,this year negative shift in mopup?

Why everyone is saying that,this year negative shift in mopup?

Every year people says so,in reality positive shifts happens with each passing year.

For ai counseling

There are 2 ways you can look at shifts in this context. Like let us say if you were looking 2022 closing ranks.

You can do two comparisons

  1. compare 2022 mop up vs 2021 mop up. There might be a negative shift since many candidates were aware of the 2021 huge shifts and waited for ai mop up. This just means that compared to 2021, 2022 had some negative shift in mop up. Note that this does not mean that all those who attended 2022 mop up had worse seats than 2022 ai R2. This shift is only relevant from an expectation perspective and is not the relevant one for taking decisions.

  2. compare 2022 ai R2 closing ranks vs 2022 ai mop up closing ranks. 2022 ai mop up closing ranks were better(positive shift) or same for many seats when compared to 2022 ai R2. This means that many of the candidates who decided to go for ai mop up did not end up getting worse seats. Many of them may have got better seats or retained same seat (even though their expectations). Basically a positive shift between ai R2 2022 and ai mop up 2022 (but less than expected due to higher competition). This is the shift that is to be used for decisions.

Suggestion is that one should take Decisions for this year with factors specific to candidate for this year, and based on what one expecte or has in ai round 2.

The “negative shift , too risky to go to mop up, more competition this year” should be understood in right perspective . There is nothing like that which is generic and each decision is for the individual for his/her choices.