Why in obstructive jaundice there is increased serum direct globulin?

20 months is quite a lot of time and at the end of it no predictions as this is going 2b a close race as many mite end up with similar scores…I feel as a team and on a personal note we have done our parts well…med as with 2020 was about knowing things in a wholistic way and 20 odd ques were a little difficult…for the benefit of guys writing next year pls post the onus areas and anything u feel we can add on to the list of videos

Examiners seemed to be obsessed with electrolyte imbalances, ABG today

And covid didn’t exist for them

There is nothing in med I knw better than ABG / electrolytes

Rakesh S Nair Sir, your ABG lectures were really helpful today.

Arbor Vitae ABG was the most important topic in 2020 NEET/USMLE STEP 1/USMLE STEP 2/PLAB/NEET 2021(I haven’t given or prepared for AIIMS PG/inicet so idk,but this is the reality)

Covid free neet pg. Not a single question on covid.

Not directly related to covid

my great grandson will be inventing time machine in 2100 …he will read my personal diary and will realize i needed to clear neet pg 2021 with top 10 rank …so he will come back to past and will give me todays question paper and i will get rank 1 …

Not to forget the obsession with Hematology also. No disrespect but Examiner must have been a anemic one also…hehe

A person came to emergency… Most questions starts with… Rakesh S Nair Deepu Sebin plz make videos based on such pattern… It starts with emergency and enters into all subjects… Plz make integrated based on such pattern