Why is iron not given after female plans pregnancy?

under the anaemia mukt Bharat programme, it is told that once the female plans pregnancy, stop the iron and folic acid tablet and give only folic acid .

Mam why is iron not given after female plans pregnancy?

Thank you mam.

Iron is teratogenic in 1st trimester so avoided till 12 weeks POG : so for 1st trimester we put her only on plain FA tabs 0.4mg (prophylactic dose). After 12weeks we switch into IFA combination tab(60mg elemental iron + 0.5mg FA) as per ANEMIA MUKT BHARAT programme and continue IFA tabs for atleast 6 months during pregnancy and for next 6 months after pregnancy

Aman Arora is iron teratogenic?? I think iron induce vomiting , already in 1st trimester pregnancy cause vomiting due to Beta HCG. So if we given iron , the patient will have more vomiting. That’s y v avoid.

yes GI intolerance is one of the major factor especially in early trimester of pregnancy. But This GI intolerance many times even persist beyond 1st trimester because as uterus enlarge it compresses rectum, also gradual increase in Progesterone decrease bowel transit time so Gi intolerance can persist beyond 1st trimester too still we give iron in 2nd and 3rd trim but not in 1st trim because of “possible” risk of teratogenecity. Also because in 1st trimester there’s not much significant hemodilution so don’t need Iron in 1st trim.

first trimester already pregnant female experiencing nausea and vomitting - so iron avoided and yes hemodilution also isn’t that much

got it ma’am , thank you