Why is OBG considered toxic by some people?

Why is OBG considered toxic by some people?

Assistant n pgs r shouting, mother n baby r crying and u r in between with no food n rest

Plus if there is an ectopic all hell breaks loose in d dept . Any maternal death u wil witness drama n politics which wil cross d trp of any hindi serial. boys wil b treated like a

It’s not bout the branch but certainly profs n seniors defame it coz of their attitude n tantrums they throw on their juniors at times patients too.
Unfortunately most docs are ignorant about medical etiquette so is the issue

I am still not able to forget my obg days during internship :sweat_smile: it was suffocating, stressed me out like anything… posting ended but I took around 2 months to come out of that mental trauma

Internship me high grade fever tha,in logo ne mujhe paracetamol khila khila kar duty karwaya. Itna stress tha ki pura menstrual cycle change ho gaya and amenorrhea ho gaya. Pills lene pad gaye fir 3 months . Aur aise puri zindagi imagine!! Itne paiso ka kya karna hai jab life hell ho?? Meri internship ki posting khatam hote hi maine obgy ko list se nikal diya pg ke liye

same happened with me too… suffered amenorrhea… and by the end of postings I developed severe gastritis cos they never let me eat only all those days… i was dehydrated and admitted in the same hospital… still they gave me extensions😂 while the guys would simply sign and run off

I don’t understand kyu bolte hai sab ladkiyo ke kiye obgy best hai. Arrey itna mental and physical stress hai. Jab family hogi apni khud ki tab kaise manage hoga yeh sab. Raat ko uthke jana padhta hai delivery ke liye. Personal life toh kuch hai hi nhi. Toh kaha se yeh branch ladkiyo ke liye best hai??? Bas paise hi dikhte hai rishtedaaro ko. Obgy le lo. Girls ke liye best hai!

Join in OBG department…Your next question in the group will be " why
is the OBG department so toxic ?

Natural normal delivery time between 1:00AM to 5:00AM(according to research study).Now you can understand the core reason and medico-legal issues too.

OMG obg people they are hell trust me the mental trauma they gave me I will never forget those 2 months were the worst days of my internship…they will literally try to kill you there will be no work they will tell do this do that… specially girls in obg department these girls will try to do politics between each other and interns will be pulled in that if a particular girl pg will have duty she will try to think y the other girl is free try to drag her into work… really worst department… if neone of my senior see this comment and feel bad about what I said then I am not sorry for it…only good thing about obg is there professors…

If you take obg then u should be ready that kitna bhe cases aye I will try max to manage chaiyea aam leeken Kam nai karna hai inlogo ko toh inke galti hai u cant say something to an internship I didn’t tell you to choose obg as your career and jab paise kamaoge toh mujhe nai doge there was an obg lady in my college a d and c was going on my professor told he will teach me so she allowed my to do a little the pg was standing next to me she also did a little after that she is telling iska Bahar Mai nursing home mai karvaya toh 10000 milta hai I mean seriously all that time u were thinking that except thinking about the health of the Patient…sick.

Isse waahiyat internship me koi duty nahi thi.
Females ki chikhen (shouting) sunkar mujhe nightmares aane lage the.
Aur itni duty krwaate hain k bs lash hi ban jaao.

Internship me jo trailer mila usse man bhar gaya, picture dekhne k koi shauq nahi hai.

Womens get annoyed easily when they work with other women ( most of the time :crazy_face:)
And obg is that department, where ur seniors, juniors, and batchmates and even ur teachers also women ( well most of them​:stuck_out_tongue:) and for patients u don’t even have chance, all are women :rofl:

It seems sabke internship ke din disaster rahe he… Obgyn is a wonderful branch… very much rewarding… stress is there since u deal with two lives at same time but eventually u learn you get trained, get yourself used to situation… not all obgyn shout at their patients. some obgyn treat their patients with atmost care… chill its not totally disaster branch as people r portraying it.

Cuz few behave that way … blanket statement about branch would be wrong …

Its a wonderful branch which not just successfully brings a tiny human to earth rather deals with emotions too ( to break news about missed miscarriage to a couple to whom it was previous pregnancy etc …)

And every branch has its own stress … either ways as doctors … end up doing all the work well with good will, I don’t understand how being irritated , irritating rest of the surrounding helps …( any branch for that matter )

There are male Obgyn with utmost patience …there are some ( very few probably hehe ) woman too who are totally cool and filled with patience !!

From seeing lady in labour screaming, sisters screaming, doctor too, the little baccha who comes out also crying ( cutely ) to see baby come out in peace with doctor and nurse being quite and supportive and guide her with breathing techniques etc ( LDR appeared like temple in this scenario ) my opinion about obgyn changed

Because it helps bring more people in the world who later grow up, come back and beat up the very people who helped them come in this world!

I myself worked for 6 months in labour room…became short tempered , irritable , started shouting on everyone, became a Maniac, no holidays ,no CL … OBG drives you crazy… Half of gynae residents remain unmarried half of them get divorced, they don’t have family life…
Left OBG , took Pathology now and life is Heavens now