Why is Radio considered clinical but Pathlogy considered non- clinical?

I have a genuine query:

Why is Radio considered clinical but Pathlogy considered non clinical?

Both of them need association with labs and centres with minimal patient interaction. Yet Radio is preferred by many over Patho. Why?

Just a trend…becoz top rankers opt for it…but for general public both radiologist and pathologist are mere technicians…many dont even know that they are doctors…back in 90s no one wanted derma…now it is also considered a good branch…also new modalities of radiological investigations has created a buzz…back in 90s diagnosis was mostly clinical evaluation based becoz electricity was luxury…moreover…only when top rankers start opting for pathology will this trend change .i m sure very soon…may be by 2030

In a few years radio also becomes paraclinical not on paper but in practicality as it undergoes in control of technicians as similar as pathology labs under technicians control except biopsy similarly except USG everything under control of technicians this is india…everything changes…