Why is there so much negative counselling of WB by people

Why is there so much negative counselling of WB by people…Every where the residency is more or less same and equally dreadful as pointed by some people…based on peoples review of WB it seems colleges run empty without residents but that’s not the case even air 1 took seat in WB last year leaving some prestigious instituitions…no seat of ipgmer is vacant for r2 in surgery this says about the standard of colleges…people should choose state college but not at the cost of missing out on colleges bettr than theirs…choose state college when its on par with the one you are compairing it with…
I know comment section will be full of mockery and more negative reviews but truth cant be hidden by such obvious fake reviews showing only cons of a state…

I have personally visited all the colleges of Kolkata

WB is one of the best place to do postgraduation

All the negative comments you see are by them who just don’t have as good as your rank so pushing you away

After Delhi Mumbai do consider WB

People everywhere asking is the bond strict are the people good are the hostels good.??.. And then if anyone says anything bad, just thinking they are doing negative counselling… Every place has it’s pros and cons. If there is good there is also bad. Make your decisions based on what you want.

You guys are big grownups who have cleared so many tough examinations in life… Why do you have to need to hide behind an anonymous tag to make your views or make your decisions based on what others have to say .If you like a place then take there if you don’t then don’t.