Why more in paediatric

When this toxicity will go for first years! Why more in paediatric… already stressed by work…and clges fee…less stipend…

Daily get screwed by seniors…how to handle pressure… afraid of it may lead to depression…36hrs duty with no food …weekly 3 duties…top of that toxicity in department…why IMA FIAMA…come forward to take action against this heavy work load and toxicity

Look at ur name only dr house he used to make his juniors work while he used to sleep

Once out of the phase, people who themselves suffered, stop caring, and the scenario continues and remains same.

Bro worse is the situation in private practice in initial years. With added pressure of “doctor loot raha hai tag” awarded by patients even when you do minimal investigations and minimal drugs.

And if you do minimal tests someday they will drag you into some medico legal case.

Coal when goes into pressure turns into diamond 💎 if u don’t want to be questioned by anyone then y do u take Post-graduation … U should have been happy with ur UG degree… Mind u ,u r dealing with lives of babies and children which are very delicate and fragile .Hence utmost care needed to be given .Hence. Ur seniors must have been very cautious regarding the same. These doesn’t mean i m supporting toxicity…Always seeing things in one way doesn’t prove ur innocence. Other side must also be exposed and then judged accordingly …Peace anyways

hello johua, I am not the author of this post. yet I would tell you…have you ever gone through the PSM definition of health? if you have gone through, you will definitely say that a physician is never at Health…there is so much stress itself to pass neet ug, give so many exams and do internship…a coal becomes a diamond in this process only. so stop supporting this coal vs diamond coats because its a sugar coat that blinds a doctor from that un-health he/she is already having. I have seen general medicine fellows having heart attack at 45 and I have known general surgeons who had blood borne infections…now add to this toxicity, bonds and every kinda abuse…how can someone ignore such things! Even a consultant in his peak are not healthy in India…! Basically speaking dont ignore stuffs by sugar coating things…a change may not be possible yet…arent we the first change?

if u want to live according to the definition of health ,ur country standards has to be n such a way that all indicators are good and best…are we upto the marked standards … definitely No… and don’t confuse coal and coat …u r talking irrelevant to the post… i didn’t utter a word about diamond coats .i said oly diamond…u added a word to it and started ur own explanations… And do explain what’s it toxicity ( with standard reference ) and definition ( like definiton of health) if possible…