Why my 2 legs foot are burning anyone please tell me

Why my 2 legs foot are burning anyone please tell me.

Are u talking about burning sensation or burning like blister or gangere form.if its burning sensation it could be ulcer or lack of exercise ,but if its others then it may be DM

Burning may be dude to any neuropathy due to diabetes as comorbidities

Plantar fasciitis may be a cause

Or any l4 l5 disc prob may cause a burning sensation so kindly check those three

Simply because the blood is not supplying properly so you need to take BG Glutamine 1bd @ 1/12

Are u daibetic ??? If u are daibatic then its daibatic neuropathy or if u not daibatic pataint then its calcium deficency take maximum calcium intake in ur daily routein

Simply rest and eat fluidy fruits n good diet, if persists then gabanuron+tuco trio cap…

Rest nothing.

Its diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage both relate to diabetes. Consult a medical doctor/pharmacist

Might u are diabetes patients and your both legs are diabetes foot