Why no limelight on MD PMR even after MCI adding Emergency Medicine and PMR to MBBS curriculum..?

Why no limelight on MD PMR even after MCI adding Emergency Medicine and PMR to MBBS curriculum…??
Even now many AIIMS and Govt med colleges SRship and AP posts are vacant…so wont there will be more future prospects in future??
And it is relatively more cool branch with less toxicity and less hectic duty hours

Bcs people with higher rank always go for that branch which is already established. They don’t want to take risk

It’s because many physiotherapist will do what ever the MD PMR doctor does at a cheaper rate. Here in Chennai some Physiotherapists call themselves as Doctors and establishing their own hospitals. The people will go to them because they think that they are doctors and they provide services at a cheaper rate. These guys have even started to take loans and build up mini physical rehabilitation hospitals focusing on PMR alone.

But there are many Govt job vacancies in govt med colleges and Central institutes and even in Govt neurorehab centres with huge pay and even many Sports med dep HODs and national Sports related program chiefs are PMR department

And about Quacks all departments have to face quacks to some extent and this branch involves many other procedures and and corrective surgeries tat only a doctor can perform so if one has private practice with full extent sky is the limit as there is No Stress or Medicolegal issues or problem with attenders

Do PMR doctors perform surgeries ? I didn’t know about that. What kind of surgeries do they perform ?

Paediatric corrective surgeries like CTEV to bone corrective surgeries in Autoimmune diseases Post trauma corrective surgeries Pain reduction Sxs and in Med colleges like SMITAR, CMC Tamilnadu, many other procedures are even followed and can easily gain Patients as treatment is long term and Pts feel better with atmost all treatment protocols