Why not A? No blood in stools No cramping pain?

Why not A?

No blood in stools

No cramping pain?

sir,even if patient was on H pylori therapy,clarithromycin/tetracycline do not commonly cause pseudo membranous colitis,so why the answer is B sir??

Sir…In pelvic abscess - bladder symptoms also present…?

As x-ray of chest and abdomen unremarkable/normal,so not a case of PERFORATED PERITONITIS nor SUBHEPATIC abscess, but high grade fever, multiple episodes of diarrhoea, leukocytosis, mucus with some fecal matter seen in both PSEUDOMEMBRANOUS COLITIS and PELVIC ABSCESS, less fecal matter due to obstruction on rectum in PELVIC abscess, but no blood in stool and no cramping pain mentioned for PSEUDOMEMBRANOUS COLITIS, but also No Pelvic no adnexal mass mention for PELVIC ABSCESS, BUT midline incision is clean and no discharge so it is a case of PSEUDOMEMBRANOUS COLITIS where on midline incision in PELVIC abscess there is presence of serous discharge no clean, in both cases lower abdominal pain present, so lastly clean midline incision and no lower abdominal mass clarify PSEUDOMEMBRANOUS COLITIS,which most commonly seen after post operative antibiotics use