Why people worry to much about DNB results and not worry about MD/MS result?

Why people worry to much about DNB results and not worry about MD/MS result? Because I have seen results of 50 percent post MD/MS and also I have not seen any candidate whether MD or DNB who fail to pass after 2 or 3 attempt in DNB or MD.

Government medical College Thrissur has pass rate of 30 percentage in ortho. You study, you pass.dont study, don’t pass

Holding an examination for a MD/MS candidate is an administrative nightmare. You have to arrange examination cases (Uncomplicated patients with straightforward diagnoses and easily apparent clinical signs), find willing External examiners, take care of their logistics (Travel, accommodation and food) and make sure that the patients do turn up on that day.

Only a measly amount is earmarked for this by the Government, and most teachers in Government colleges end up paying something out of their own pockets. Or collect funds from the postgraduates.

If someone fails a MD/MS candidate, he/she becomes the department’s headache.

On the other hand, once their tenure is completed, the DNB candidates are on their own. Their results are their own headache.

It is often said that in MD it is atleast easy to pass the practicals which is true upto certain extent but it can go other way round too, familiarity is not always a good thing, one of the most celebrated teachers of our college said that he was failed in MD Medicine around 5 times by his professor because he actually got him pissed of over silly things.

Isiliye kahawat sunlena h kabhi kabhi.

Bolne m aiisa h ki ek baar babu MD/MS karne jayega tho kuch bhi krega waha pr degree k saath hi bahar aayega.