Why renal glycosuria occurs sir?

if renal threshold for glucose is 200mg/dl and GFR is 1.25dl/min then filtered load comes to 250mg/min but Transport max is 375 for glucose…then why renal glycosuria occurs sir?

The renal threshold for glucose is the plasma level at which the glucose first appears in the urine. If all the tubules in the nephron worked at a given time, then the renal threshold would be 300mg/dL, that is, 375 mg/min (TmG) divided by 125 mL/min (GFR). However, the actual renal threshold is 200mg/dL. This is because at a given time not all tubules are reabsorbing the glucose. This deviation in the actual renal threshold from the calculated renal threshold is called renal splay.

Thank you.