Why some professors(especially O&G) hate students who have beards?

Why some professors(especially O&G) hate students who have beards?

Many OBGY teachers especially female teachers hate even clean shaved male students. We had a female Unit head in our second year MBBS who used to say “why do boys need to learn gynecology ?” She even kept us standing outside off the dept for first month. In second month, she allowed us into the patient’s waiting room but never into examination room.They have such cheap mentality.

And we boys and male teachers of surgery dept were such big hearted and open minded that we gave hydrocele examination to girl colleagues on first day itself.

And once you take job at PHC you are expected to conduct normal delivery. How is it possible without proper training ? When someone not even allowed or taught to perform PV…

Experiencing such situation, I don’t know why the OBGY subject is kept for male students. Male students should be exempted from taking OBGY at MBBS itself… 😂🤣😅

In my experience, given a chance, male gynecologists perform better than female colleagues due to intrinsic boldness.

I have seen in Chhattisgarh even Male Gynecologist are not allowed to work as gynecologist, they are given side postings in other department like casualty. And even other non-OBGY colleagues laugh at those OBGY guys.

In Mumbai teaching hospitals, many times male Gynaecology residents are made fun off and targeted by others. Same in MP, CG. Even patients avoid male gynecologist and prefer female. So what will you get being male gynecologist ? Very narrow, cheap mentality.

In Pune, Nagpur condition is much better.

I don’t know about rest of the India but heard by many colleagues that situation is very good in Gujrat. No discrimination.

Unfortunately, I have also seen some male gynecologists or other specialists prohibiting male students to examine female patients. They consider themselves superior and feel that only they can take care of female patients, and only they know how to behave with female. Such a cheap mentality.

So if you are a male and want to pursue OBGY, think and work out properly before making decision.