Why the talonavicular joint MUST be a ball and socket joint?

To those who teach the foot anatomy, bio-mechanics, and diseases …some questions before u go on teaching the foot …if u can answer it properly and clearly then feel u have fulfilled ur mission understanding it before u teach it … those questions are not intimidating or dis-encouraging …to those who wana teach but an invitation for them to know more … good luck everyone … answers are most welcome and questions as well … :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Why the talonavicular joint MUST be a ball and socket joint ??

Why passive stretched of the tendon achilis is CONTRAINDICATED IN CASES OF RIGID FLATFEET ?

how do u explain the radiographic midtarsal step between the TNJ and the CCJ …in patients with flatfeet and patients with cavovarus foot ?

why the tibiofibular distal joint MUST be a syndesmosis and why ?

why the collaterals of the ankle being a hing is many many parts and those parts are almost fanning out circumferentially from the medial and lateral malleoli to different tarsal bones …as this goes way beyond being just collaterals …OR NOT ??? :wink::wink::wink::wink:

IS The tibiotalar segment can be called a unit just like the calcaneus along with the whole foot except the talus are called calcaneopedal unit ?

Why the metatarsophalangeal joints are condylar hings and not bichondylar hings

Is toesing out always a pathology and if it is not what can it be then ??

Why correction of the abnormal tibial torsion is vital to the stability and health of midtarsal joint ??? and why it is not as tolerable and we are not as forgiving as we r in femoral abnormal version ???

What is the function of talocalcan. Divergence in the axial and sagittal planes …

Why the subtalar resting position is different between open chain and closed chain foot normal postion ???

why the metatarsal heads line breaks on the coronal plane in what is called metatarsal break

why pain or irritation or limitation in the subtalar incite subtalar valgus spasm NEVER A SUPINATION OR VARUS ONE .??

WHY the calcaneocuboid must be a saddle joint

Those are few of the questions and there is much much more … but let me first see how u fair in those …