Why there is no EWS QUOTA in all india?

Why there is no EWS QUOTA in all india ?

The reason is same … just like obc it is policy of state and not the centre… but surprised to see no Ews in central institute

But it’s passed by central govt. Not state government.

Passes by central government to be implemented by state governments

Case nahi karoge khali fb pe likhne se reservation nahi milta obc ne mandal lagoo karane ke liye bahut lada tha ews general bewakoof hain sirf fb pe likhte hain case karo netaon ko tweet karo tab kuch hoga

To phir deemed colleges mein admission kaun lega?
Inka pet kaun bharega ?

Aiims is also providing ews reservation in pg .…
Then why neet pg not considered ews .?

even in state it is a policy of state. For states like kerala a lot of diploma seats converted to masters have been included as a part of new seats required to meet cut off to implement ews. This disturbs previous existing reservation. The situation is different in each state. So have to wait and see how much percentage each state gives for ews in state counseling.

Yes, it should be done asap to provide seats to the candidates who deserve it very much

might be bcos seats added under 10 A are being done past 4 years even more may be … diploma conversion happening past 2 years … none of these were done for ews as per any old documentation … but now they have included these 2 categories in 17 states as if seats are newly created to include ews…everything is just politics …

It was election time buddy to win votes they declared it, last year they gave one lame reason, now this… No governments care about certain so called castes … We were betrayed by central government

this bill is 126/124th amendment of constitution and it was under directive principles of state policy(DPSP) … When 600 odd MPS Who voted for EWS bill including both LOK sabha and RAJYA SABHA have turned blind eye to this what else is valid in this country… Fed up of this mockery, if it is EWS even court’s judgment may not be valid

Apparently there has been so many cases already in stay order against EWS pg increment of seats in different states no signs of getting any in states as well. But central institutes have produced enough resources for increments nd approved for EWS allotments without any issues!

Increment in view of ews jab mci me hoga tab ews will apply

Even in states only those seats increased in view of ews will be applied

25 % increase for 10% reservation was the clause

There is a particular number of seats that need to be increased in order to start EWS quota… Whichever does that they can start implementing ews in there state counseling