Why this year nbe is not releasing revise cut off?

Why this year nbe is not releasing revised cut off ?

Till last neetpg it was MCI

Now its NMC.

1)NMC is headed by douc****gs. Those heads from central universities dont want private colleges to fill seat. As they consider themselves superior and other colleges inferior especially private colleges

  1. 50% seat to government is on table ( not confirmed). This is the last chance for private colleges to earn.

So once mopup is over ( where they will do seat blocking) seats will come for stray round.

And then revised cutoff will come. Deemed colleges conduct own stray counciling. They can earn in crores.

Seat that they haveto give for normal management fees in mopup will go for 3-4 times more in stray.

These are the 2 main reasons. Toh the reasons are contradicting.

Health minister, NMC, NBE, is aware of this situation since last week. None of them will make a move until mopup is over

Excpect cutoff after Mopup and before stray.

Yeh sarkar bhik chuki hai