Widening Access to Specialty Training (WAST) Recruitment

Widening Access to Specialty Training (WAST) Recruitment

WAST applications are currently open and WAST was set up as FY2 level position specially for IMGs. I believe WAST can be a excellent start for a young IMG.

Last date to apply: 13th Feb 2020.

You don’t need GMC registration at the time of WAST application. Last year they did WAST interviews in Dubai as well to save travelling for the IMG doctors.

The idea behind WAST was to help IMGs with CREST and portfolios so they can be ready for the specialty training jobs.

Some commonly asked questions & Myths about WAST.

1 - When IMGs can apply for Round-1 of training post, what’s the point of applying for WAST?

WAST was never about visa, it was setup to help IMGs prepare portfolio and get CREST. As the WAST visa was from HEE, the IMGs started using it as a way to get around RLMT.

2- Is WAST only for people applying in GP and Psychiatry?

WAST was set up to help recruitment in GP and Psychiatry rotations but it wouldn’t restrict you for these specialties. You can build portfolio aimed at any specialty while working on a WAST post.