Will artificial intelligence replace radiologists?

will artificial intelligence replace radiologists ?

Yes. Even zainab mam told this. But it’ll happen when our children become radiologists

Not at all . If yes then it will take 150 years

Yes. Also robots will take over surgeons, AI cameras taking over Pathologists, Alexa/Siri taking over Psychiatrists and Google taking over Medicine docs.

Bhai AI will take over most of the things but that doesnt mean that you should stop enjoying your present thinking of the future. Moreover, India will not be the first one amongst all the countries to use AI in medical field. So chill

Yes, but anyhow radiologist doctor is needed to check the artificial intelligence report and to make sign … To avoid error…

It will decrease the work of radiologist not the worth … With artificial intelligence radiologist will get paid more than current pay …

Ai n teleradiology will peak up in coming years so the requirement for radiologist might come down

N it won’t take decades once those things prove to be profitable

Do u remember the job of call centres n BPOs most of them have been replaced by bot and u might have noticed that recently on swiggy Zomato uber flipkart n name any company u can think of…