Will your car hygiene etiquettes protect you from Covid-19?

Post lockdown it’s important that you take precautions with it comes to your car. We spoke to one of the leading car resellers in Madurai, FF CARS to help you with some points that you need to keep in mind while using your car post this lockdown period and during covid-19 pandemic.

  1. It has been quite some time since you took out your car for a road trip or for a drive. Since the comfort and satisfaction lies in driving your own car, make sure your vehicle is in the top hygienic order. Here are few tips you must keep in mind in order to ensure your car is clean and hygienic as this is how the new normal is going to be.
  2. Use a liquid sanitizer or an alcohol based disinfectant and a nice cloth to clean the surface of your car, i.e., the dashboard, steering wheel, indicator and wiper stick, inside & exterior door handle, the seats (Leather), hand brake, gear knob and the touchscreen of the music system.
  3. There are car detailers in town and few Automobile dealerships who get your car completely sanitised right from the dash to the boot tray. This helps in killing germs and bacteria’s 99%
  4. Cleaning the AC vents using a brush dipped in Alcohol is also very important. There are several YouTube videos available to help you do this by yourself.
  5. Once every three days you may consider sanitising your car naturally by parking it in the hot sun with windows raised for an hour or two. This will naturally increase the internal temperature of the car and will kill bacterias and Viruse.
  6. While the leather seats are easy to clean, fabric seats need to be taken to the detailer to get it cleaned.
  7. Avoid eating in the car as this invites insects and ants to come.
  8. Keep a covered trash can in the car so you don’t have to gather trash later.