Winter Fruit Pomegranate; best for health

Winter Fruit Pomegranate; best for health

Pomegranate is counted in the most useful fruits of the world. Pomegranate has anti-oxidants, anti-viral and anti-fungal features. It is also the best source of vitamin-E-oxidants. In Pomegranate, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin E and folic acid is included. Pomegranate has three times more anti-oxidants than green tea. Other than that pomegranate is also protected from many diseases.

Saves from free delevery:
In Pomegranate, anti-oxidant amounts are in large quantity that protect the body from free ry̰ڈḵlz. These free ry̰ڈy̰ḵlz become in the body due to the sun flames or the ٹwḵsn in the environment that put scars on the skin before the time.

Blood Unstable:
Pomegranate lowers blood. Does not allow blood to be made in the dirt of the body, heart and blood. This is how many diseases are protected. Pomegranate lowers blood pressure.

Keeps the dirt of blood soft:
The amount of cholesterol in the body increases due to aging or poor lifestyle which makes the walls of blood dirt harder, as a result of the obstruction of the body. The use of pomegranate in the diet is the use of the body. Eliminate more fat and saves blood dirt walls from being tough.

Saves from couples disease:
Pomegranate protects the bones by competing with the damage to the bones. Other than that, there is also the ability to eliminate inflammation in the pomegranate. The use of pomegranate is also very useful in the pain of couples.

Saves from heart disease and prostate cancer:
Research proves that pomegranate prostate protects from cancer. It does not only prevent cancer sales from growing but also eliminates them. Other than that, Pomegranate is the ability to unstable the cells that avoid heart diseases. Is.

Nutrition is full of:
A cup of pomegranate seeds have 24 grams of gratitude and 144 calories. Other than that of a cup of Pomegranate:
Protein 3 grams
Specimens 16 % of daily need
Potassium 12 % of daily need
300 % of Vitamin C daily need

Helps in ہạḍmے:
Fiber is very important to digest food which is achieved by fruits and vegetables. Because of the lifestyle of these days, junk food has taken its place. By Adding Pomegranate to diet you can get your daily need of ḵạfạỷbr. There are 45 % of the fiber in a pomegranate.

Strength increases the aid:
Pomegranate is a vitamin c that helps in the body and increase the strength of strength. This is the reason why pomegranate helps to stay safe from many common diseases and infections.