With the rising trends of teleradiology

With the rising trends of teleradiology
will it reduce the demand of more radiologists in future because a few radiologists can interpret reports from multiple centres than…

Yeah for sure… Some doctor in kotampatti can read a CT for much less cost than you do just with internet connection, then he is going to steal your job.Plus there is a much advanced artificial intelligence system being built and had been successful in interpretation of CT and MRI. So though you have got so much marks in exam in finite future you may be replaced. No sarcasm implied :grinning:

Most places employ teleradiology in the absence of radiologists.
There is a lot of difference in the level of reporting done by looking at the images in sitting in front of a console where you can alter several parameters and those done through remote telerad infrastructures, especially since the telerad technology isn’t as developed yet here in India. (Or even elsewhere to be perfectly honest)
With time, it can get better but given how half the peripheral centres don’t have any antibiotics beyond ceftriaxone, I don’t expect any earth shattering problems for radiologists in the immediate future.
And don’t even get me started on the laughable idea that AI will replace radiologists soon here in India. As Aditya says - Boys, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.