Working in gynae deptartment as jr

Working in gynae dept as jr …I wonder how a person can slap patients …if u are not happy with it just leave it …there is no meaning in slapping the patient to take out your frustration…how sick the residents are …and one of the male resident of the dept.asked me to do pv but that too in worst way he could say…no manners at all…feels like complaining against him …

They all might be overburdened by work and won’t feel any emotions.

underpaid and overburdened

Population should decrease. Permanent methods of birth control should be more strictly followed and made compulsory.This is the main problem of India.

Not a good sign. There is no excuse for such a pathetic behaviour by Doctors. Just image if such a video is released on social media by someone.

Already we medicos have got quite a poor image in the minds of general public, courtesy media and movies. It’s upto us Medicos to counter it with our professional, respectful and ethical behaviour to the highest possible standards.

Gynae LR’s how important this thing was when I was internet I couldn’t understand. Now those who beat with a lot of hate.

Everyday I think more than 50 doctors are assaulted verbally or physically in india. True? Or not?

They are assaulted by non-doctors (patients and or relatives) … true? Or false?

None of the patient and/or relatives or common people post on facebook/Instagram/twitter/ youtube about “how can you assault a doctor or health worker” or “it is wrong to attack health worker”.

But one junior doctor sees a senior slapping someone and starts posting on Facebook.

So all the morality is for doctors/health workers only?

Can not little doctor ignore it, let the patient decide whether to or not to protest or complaint against doctor?

We, on our own platform are opposing our own people (the doctors) that too when we have option/right to be silent _/_

Think in deep …still what the senior dr did to the patient is absolutely wrong…u cannot use the problems faced by doctors today to just this act committed by this senior dr… would u still say this if that pt. was ur family member like a sister/wife?