Y can't ppl accept when women wants to be a surgeon

Y can’t ppl accept when women wants to be a surgeon. Even my friends aren’t supporting… All they say is you can’t compete men in surgical field… Take obg it’s the only safe option for you… How will you manage your family, child…it’s important for a girl to invest much time into family… Y?! Just y!!! I’m the 1st graduate in my family… I’ve seen my mom toiling for years . She gave this education so that I don’t end up like her. I do want to have family but not as everyone wants me to be… Is it selfish for putting professional life over family?

Ignore all those people who discourage you

I am doing Orthopaedics and one of my paediatric orthopedician is a female and she is doing a tremendous job…follow ur heart and you will excel in life…

As a female Surgeon u will face this every now and then…more often than u can imagine…there is no end to this atleast in near future…But never let these useless ppl get into your peace and do your job like a boss…every time u succeed they will remember how wrong they were…be proud of urself