Year which was surrounded mostly by negativity

Hello Everyone,
We are almost nearing the end of the year.,
Year which was surrounded mostly by negativity,
Year where nothing has gone as planned,
Year which procrastinated !
Yet we are all here, trying to push ourself every single day in our own domains believing that the next day will be always good.! That’s life, with so much of positivity - and you are positive, every single person here in the earth is always hopeful.
Every person plans the next day before sleep - I have to do this in the morning, these are the routine at work, these are things to be completed and meetings to attends… so on.
Sometimes your study plan doesn’t work, you get unnecessarily depressed. It has not happened that’s all right, we shall correct it today ! Simple. I will put a little bit of extra effort and make today count is our promise for the day. ! - Finish your backlog videos.
What big is going to happen - After all we have lived and we are going to finish the famous 20-20. Still we are all here, in half sleep looking at the screen and smiling to ourselves, which proves the fact - whatever may happen we are still the same “Stupid Us”.
No corona or no 2020 can stop us smiling, similarly nothing can stop you from winning !
A very good morning…