You think only DNB insitutes do this!?

you think only DNB insitutes do this!?

Ask OBG SX MED PEAD resident of private med colleges even in first yr. i domt even needto talk about govt colleges.

First yr resident = glorified Stenographer

2)Middle class or whatever, rich and poor goes thru same gruelling in residency.

“Aiyyo am middle class. I have dreams. Please dont ask me to do clerical work. Gimme only cutting chance to become better doc” wont work in residency.

3)Being a UR, i can understand situation of UR cat students this yr. but that doesnt mean everyone shud trash talk about DNB so that others wont take it , and you can get it 🙂

4)”hands on”. Its a very big term. Just because someone got 1st rank that doesnt mean he / she will given chance to cut in surgical residencies.

Your professors should feel trust in you. And you gotta earn that trust. They should feel “ safe”.

Patient workup before surgery includes investigations, progress, fitness which is mostly clerickal and only those residents who do this faithfully will be rewarded with chance. Just like that entering in OT & saying “ scalpel please” is not how things work in surgical residency

Since MS is done in colleges, 90% patients are poor. Be it govt / pvt med college. Getting quality healthcare itself is dream for those patients

DNB is mostly in pvt hospitals. Patients are not so poor like those in colleges. Your consultant cant give you chance just like that.

I learned this huge difference when i did MS from a pvt college and then DNB for super speciality. The kinda patients you deal is totally different

I have completed my Dnb, I did not find any discrimination in my institution, it’s all on your interest, if you are interested in your branch then all is well !

Government PG residents can’t even guess how bad the condition is

This was great guru… It is a good plan to demotivate everyone for DNB seat so that they get themselves easily