Your opinion? Due To NEXT

Your opinion??


NOW those students who just wanted MBBS &learning best clinical practices

will also force to learn question solving skills for better performance !!

STOP DEMONISING THIS STUDYING THING . What your mind doesnt know your eyes wont see. We all know how we pass professional exams, just by studying last 10 years questions. That knowledge is damnable frankly. Its due to the neet and next and coaching from institutions like Marrow that we have a holistic knowledge about all subjects.

We know how bad our knowledge in college was and how even worse most professors were. So who are we kidding here.

And i have been working as well as an MO emergency when i gave my neetpg 2022. Studying for mcq s is not at all a bad thing it improves your knowledge vastly which helps in general practice as well

I think I became a holistic doctor after I studied from MARROW and DAMS… In college days there was no conceptual teaching never taught the importance of knowing something why am I knowing this what’s the use etc etc… So DAMS MARROW PREPLADDER should be there because in colleges teachers are just gonna come take class mock us if we don’t know and leave… I owe my degree to college but knowledge I owe it to MARROW and DAMS and that’s why I am studing my dream branch now 🤘