ZyNerd Standard - Free subscriptions ending April 10th 2022

  1. We launched our ZyNerd Standard paid subscription plan on 11th Jan 2022 during the first round of counseling.

  2. All existing registered users were moved to the ZyNerd Standard plan without any cost (as free subscription plans for 90 days). More than 90% of our NEET PG subscriptions are registered users who joined us before Jan 11th 2022.

  3. The period of 90 days for all the free subscriptions ends on April 10th 2022.

  4. Given the situation that exists now, the last date of admissions (Stray or beyond) may go on till the end of April 2022.

  5. On our subscription plans - the right thing to do is to extend the validity of the free subscriptions till the end of April 2022. And no doubt - we would be doing that. You would see the extended validity end date reflecting in your profile.

ZyNerd Standard Paid Subscriptions

Paid subscribers who joined between Jan 11th to Jan 30th may have their subscription plans ending any date between April 10th and April 30th. If you had missed during registration, unlike other subscription terms, our terms would have mentioned that the period of subscription as “90 days or end of NEET PG 2021 whichever is LATER”. So the validity of subscriptions would now be extended to April 30th as per terms. The changes would reflect in your profile in max a day or two.