5 amazing allergies that lead intimate relationships

5 amazing allergies that lead intimate relationships

Latex allergy

Probably the best known of sexual allergies, latex intolerance poses problems in protected reports. Indeed, most condoms are made from latex. Itching, irritation, burns and more rarely impression of asphyxiation or anaphylactic shock, latex allergy can quickly become hell. Skin tests, suitable treatment and / or latex free condoms will be expected. Note that if you can’t stand the condom, you can also forget the wearing of the black latex suit…

Sperm allergy

In general, sexual act ends with man’s ejaculation. Also, being allergic can be slightly binding on your intimate relationships. This extremely rare condition is manifested in various symptoms: irritation, itching and swelling of the genital area, abdominal pain occurring during or within five minutes of sex. More serious consequences such as urticaria, loss of consciousness or edema of Quincke may also happen in some cases. In addition to abstinence and injaculation, this phenomenon where humans prevent themselves from ejaculating, condom use is obviously highly recommended.

The allergy to kiss

Although kissing doesn’t actually fall into the category of sexual act, he often leads to it. Also, being allergic can rot foreplay and report. Except in fact, this allergy seems to be from drug or food intolerance to something your partner would have ingested like nuts or peanuts. A proxy allergy in sum that it would be useful to warn your partner to stop binge on peanuts as an aperitif if they intend to kiss you full mouth next.

Allergy to the candidate

Candida albican is a naturally present mushroom on the skin and intimate areas whose candidate is a constituent protein. If it manifests itself too abundantly, it breeds the famous vaginal mycosis that women often suffer. But for those who are allergic to candidin, a minimal dose is enough to produce the same consequences, or even, in more serious cases, cause skin irruptions or even digestive disorders. Once the diagnosis is established, desensitization or / and ova based treatment may be indicated to the patient.

The allergy to sex

Last and not least, gender allergy in general. In the male gente, they manifest themselves through flu symptoms (red eyes, runny nose, fatigue, aches) post-ejaculation. These can last up to a week. An autoimmune reaction due to ejecting their own seminal liquid. A kind of penis flu in sum whose best way to protect yourself is once again injaculation…