ACL-R with patellar tendon graft

(ACL-R with patellar tendon graft)

I’m having a hard time with pain 9 weeks post opt, and something just doesn’t feel right. 7 weeks post op my surgeon did a manipulation because i was barely getting 80 degrees and was in a significant amount of pain 24/7. The manipulation was supposed to push my recovery ahead and take away most the pain i was dealing with.

Now, 9 almost 10 weeks post op I can get 110 degrees, but it’s excruciating. And my pain is not better and actually worse to the point I’m not sleeping. I can hardly put weight on my leg without it hurting and no matter what I’m doing there is a throbbing, burning feeling.

When my leg is straight the pain is in the front of my knee and in my joint. The ache is unbearable after a minute. When my leg is bent the pain is in the front, joint and all around my knee. Also, I often feel like there is an object digging into the inner side of my knee but nothing is there. My knee is also always hot to touch and the swelling just won’t go away.

My therapist is very concerned and has never experienced a recovery like mine. We both feel something is wrong but I’m curious if anyone has had a similar experience. I’m a mom of 2 little ones so this has been extra hard and the pain is becoming too much.

I see my surgeon Tuesday. Thanks for any input in advanced.