Anyone want tutor for step 1?


Anyone want tutor for step 1?
Scored around 260 on step 1 (would have easily scored above 265+ , uworld and nbme scores were around 270). Will provide all my notes, various techniques and methods to remember, focus on high yield material and will explain everything in detail as we go along.
USMLE is all about technique and methodology, there are so many books and resources to study but what and how to memorize is key to good score.
I studied for 4- 6 hours daily for 12 weeks.

study plan- Will complete all subjects with all high yield topics : 3 hours daily for 8- 12 week thru skype.
Group will be around 5-10 people maximum on skype.
price: $5-10/hr/person depending upon group size.
3 days free trial including a demo class.

Skype ID-