Back in June 2018 I had surgery at the NIH

Back in June 2018 I had surgery at the NIH. . . Ground zero for rare diseases (I’ve been a patient there since I became sick in 2014). Before I went under, I warned the surgical team that anesthesia causes me to hallucinate and I asked them to just go along with it, because it seems so real. Every hallucination is different but seems so real. This time I apparently thought I was on fire and insisted that the doctor call the fire department. So they obliged me by telling me that the fire dept was enroute, and filled a rubber glove with ice and placed it on my head until the firemen arrived with the water hoses 🚒 . They didn’t allow me to burn up.

With the exception of one, every single clinical researcher treating me was an IMG from places ranging from Greece, Russia, India, China, Indonesia, Ghana , the Caribbean as well as the US. I always ask. The level of care I received from these physicians and clinical care staff has always been beyond any level of measurement. I’m heading into my 6th year of this and I’m lucky to still be here. The appeciation that I have for IMGs reaches from both sides of the fence. . . Program and Patient. AWESOME whole body and mind care. . .

So you keep fighting for your residency placements. When it’s your time to match, you will. If you are in a #nevermatch situation, there are infinite ways you can still contribute your talents to humanity. Write your own #bookofpossibilities and create your own #seatatthetable 🪑 ❤️

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