Being heavy after waking up is a common thing and it happens to everyone

Ways to get rid of sleep abuse

Being heavy after waking up is a common thing and it happens to everyone. But there are some people who sleep annoys during the day and obstacles to work. And repeatedly sleeping during work. The heart wants. The reason for day’s sleep is night’s insomnia. Besides, a bad sleeping routine also causes day’s sleep.

With these methods you can get rid of day’s sleep by improving night’s sleep.

Take full sleep at night:

Full night sleep is very important but most of us waste a couple of hours of sleep at night or morning working. Adults need 7 to 9 hours daily and 8 hours of sleep for youth ۔

Let the bed be just for sleep:

Keep your bed only for sleep. It should be avoided late interaction, watching tv, playing video games, using mobile or laptop. Don’t sit in bed and watch bills or quarrel. Because worrying can’t sleep.

Set time to wake up in the morning:

People who complain about getting more sleep should sleep and wake up at the right time daily. Even on the weekends, sleep and wake up at the same time. But if you’re insomnia, you have trouble setting time. May be.

Slowly slowly and early to sleep:

Lay down 15 minutes early before the first time to sleep daily. Do this for four days. Then keep the fourth day time in your routine. This way it will be easier to set bedtime and you will be an hour from the fixed time. Will get used to sleeping first.

Eat judging at the same time:

Not only bedtime but also set your meal time so your circadian rhythm will be perfect. Have a healthy breakfast and lunch instead of running doughnuts and coffee. Because not eating right is cheaper Take dinner two, three hours before bed.

Get an exercise:

Exercise less than half an hour daily gives unlimited benefits to sleep. Exercise, especially aerobic exercise helps to bring good and deep sleep. Exercise gives energy. Exercise in daylight makes sleep There are more benefits to have. Experts say exercise 30 minutes in the sun improves your sleeping habit.

Don’t go to bed if you can’t sleep:

If you’re just tired, laying in bed won’t sleep because there’s a difference between sleep and tiredness. Go to bed when you’re sleepy and eyes are heavy with sleep.

Don’t sleep late in the day:

Sleeping late in the afternoon also makes the night’s sleep worse, due to which you keep sleeping during the day.

Get relaxed before laying down:

Relaxing routine before bed will separate your day from night because most of the tasks cause stress and your sleep gets worse. Meditate before bed, bath with hot water, any book Stuffing, green tea or hot milk also helps to bring good sleep. But if it makes you repeatedly go to the bathroom, you should abandon them.